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Bills Passed This Week: Instructional Materials, Testing, Data Reporting, State Health Plan

Elizabeth Yelverton | NCASA Legal Affairs & Policy Manager
It was a hectic week at the General Assembly, as Senate lawmakers attempted to file numerous bills before the Senate bill introduction deadline on Tuesday afternoon. With the House bill filing deadline and overall bill crossover deadline quickly approaching, many legislators are beginning to push harder to make progress on their bills. As a result, the House passed several education-related bills this week, which are briefly summarized below:
  • Repeals the current process for textbook selection by the State Board of Education, replacing it with a process for local boards of education to select instructional materials;
  • Creates a process for individuals to challenge instructional materials as unfit, which could be appealed to the State Board of Education.
  • Eliminates: NC Final Exams (NCFEs), the required administration of the WorkKeys assessment, and the graduation project as a condition of graduation;
  • Replaces end-of-grade assessments (EOGs) with a "through-grade assessment model" similar to the NC Check-Ins and replaces end-of-course assessments (EOCs) with a nationally recognized assessment of high school achievement, such as the ACT or SAT;
  • Prohibits standardized testing by local school administrative units (LEAs), except as required by the State Board of Education.
  • Makes various changes to the educator preparation program performance standards and data reporting system.
  • Examines the needs and concerns of state employees participating in the North Carolina State Health Plan for teachers and state employees;
  • Allows legislators to further study redesigning the State Health Plan in a way that adopts new practices and payment methodologies that promote health while incentivizing participation from both enrollees and providers.
These bills have been sent to the Senate for further discussion and voting. 
Elizabeth Yelverton