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2019 Principal Pay Scale To Include Requested ADM Hold Harmless Protections

Elizabeth Yelverton | NCASA Legal Affairs and Policy Manager

The Department of Public Instruction School Business Division is currently developing the principal pay tables for salaries effective January 1, 2019, taking into account certain principal pay provisions passed in the most recent special legislative session to protect principals of schools impacted by Hurricane Florence. The new pay schedule will include modifications created by Senate Bill 823 (Session Law 2018-138) and Senate Bill 469 to allow principals of schools in federally declared disaster areas to be held harmless from decreases in ADM due to Hurricane Florence.

The hold harmless provision specifically allows the principal’s State salary to be based on the higher of 2017-18 and 2018-19 ADM. The initial hold harmless provision in SB 823 limited eligibility to principals in schools closed for at least 15 days, but NCASA was able to work with lawmakers to expand this protection for principals in SB 469 by including schools closed for 10 days, as reported last week.

A conference report for Senate Bill 469 was approved by both chambers last Thursday, and presented to the Governor the same day. The Governor may sign or veto SB 469, or elect to do nothing, in which case the bill will automatically become law after 10 days. Because both chambers will continue to be controlled by Republican supermajorities until next month, the bill is expected to become law even if the Governor vetoes the legislation.

For principals who supervise schools that do not meet the ADM Hold Harmless criteria, the School Business Division will base principal salary on 2018-19 ADM, which is based on “The Best 1 of 2 at the School Level,” or the higher ADM of the first and second school month for each grade level in each school. The 2018-19 “Best 1 of 2 Report” can be accessed by clicking here.

Elizabeth Yelverton