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FAST NC Provides Road To Recovery For Impacted Schools

Elizabeth Yelverton | NCASA Legal Affairs and Policy Manager

Florence Aid to Students and Teachers (FAST NC), a bipartisan effort created to provide aid to schools impacted by Hurricane Florence, continues to raise substantial funds for hurricane recovery. Former State Superintendent and Chair of FAST NC Mike Ward told members of the State Board of Education today  that FAST NC has raised over $50,000 so far, and expects donations to continue. Ward noted the FAST NC steering committee has been working on refining the application process for superintendents and principals, and is looking forward to releasing funding applications as soon as possible. Board members voted today to approve the application process, which should be emailed to superintendents in affected districts in the days ahead.

The majority of funds raised through FAST NC is comprised of private donations from concerned citizens, businesses, and educational organizations, such as the North Carolina Association of School Administrators (NCASA). The NCASA Executive Committee – including President Matt Wight, a principal in Wake County; President-Elect Glenda Jones, assistant superintendent in Cabarrus; and Past President Patrick Miller, superintendent of Greene – directed NCASA to donate $5,000 to FAST NC to assist affected school districts.

Mike Ward praised the support the recovery program has received from educational organizations in a recent interview with NC Policy Watch, stating,

“We have over 30 partner organizations who are collaborating with us in FAST NC, and just to further emphasize the point of reaching across divides, some of the leaders of these organizations are competitors, or aren’t always eye to eye on various policy and political issues, but again they’ve reached across lines of division to do something worthwhile and meaningful to help kids.”

When asked how the funds from FAST NC are actually being used, Ward stated, “It depends on what the need is. We’re counting on educators themselves, principals, and superintendents to let us know what needs are greatest and what ways we can use the funds.”

As many school districts continue down the long road to full recovery in the wake of Hurricane Florence, NCASA encourages other education groups and individual public school supporters to also donate to FAST NC’s recovery efforts. Please visit the website for FAST NC for more information on the program or ways to donate.


Elizabeth Yelverton