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Governor Cooper Visits SBE Meeting, Discusses Goals For Education

Governor Cooper Governor Cooper Visits SBE Meeting, Discusses Goals For Education
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper made a rare appearance at the State Board of Education’s monthly meeting this morning, presenting his goals for the state’s education system and urging leaders to invest more in education.

Governor Cooper discussed his top three educational goals for NC, including: (1) Increasing the percentage of students enrolled in Pre-K; (2) Increasing the number of students graduating from high school; and (3) Increasing the number of students who receive post-high school attainment.
He also discussed actions already taken by his team to improve the state of education in North Carolina, such as establishing the Early Childhood Advisory Council and Teacher Advisory Committee, as well as reviving the Education Cabinet.

Cooper called on legislators to provide necessary funding for schools, stating, “Improving education is a bipartisan effort.” He emphasized the importance of providing schools with quality educators, noting the need to increase teacher pay to surpass the national average. The Governor also advocated for increasing compensation, support, and professional training for principals.

Cooper ended his brief remarks by sharing his mission to create an education system beneficial to all students in North Carolina, stating, “If we do it right, education can be an opportunity for all.”
Elizabeth Yelverton