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School Safety Bill Passes House, Sent To Senate

A comprehensive school safety bill gained unanimous House approval Monday night and has been sent to the Senate for further consideration.

House Bill 938 would:

  • Require peer-to-peer support programs at all schools with grades higher than 6th,
  • Require annual facility vulnerability assessments for all school buildings,
  • Define "school resource officer" and establish school resource officer training requirements,
  • Require annual reports on SROs, and
  • Require innovative schools, the Schools for the Deaf, the Governor Morehead School for the Blind, the School of Science and Mathematics, and UNC School of the Arts high school to also comply with school safety requirements.

Before the bill gained House approval Monday, several Democratic representatives tried to amend it to add gun control measures, but all those amendments were ruled out of order and not put to a vote.