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Legislative Alert | Important Information Regarding Principal Pay

The full details of the House Budget were released today which included their proposed pay plan for principals. The Senate released their proposed pay plan a few weeks ago. Adam Pridemore with the NCASA team has created a comparison of the two plans.
To help us assess the two plans, we are asking that you provide us feedbackas to how these plans would affect your compensation. A brief summary of pros and cons of each plan is available below:
House Principal Pay Plan-- Creates a pay schedule based on 0-10 years of experience plus a percentage added to the base as determined by free or reduced lunch percentages and ADM. 
  • Ties principal pay back to the teacher salary schedule making future increases more likely
  • Salary differentials provided for school size and free or reduced lunch percentages, with the vast majority of principals receiving differentials between 3%-6%
  • Holds principals harmless
  • Reconnects principals to the "A" Teacher salary schedule rather than the "Masters" Teacher salary schedule
  • Moving principals to an "A" Teacher schedule plus 12% only provides an increase of 2% for those currently being paid at the "Masters" teacher level. 
  • Eliminates longevity and degree supplements
Senate Principal Pay Plan-- Creates an ADM-based pay plan for principals linked to student growth. In addition, the Senate plan creates a bonus structure with the potential for principals to earn between $1,000 to $15,000 (see description in attachment).
  • Appears to provide higher 2017-2018 salary and bonus potential. 
  • Rewards principals in their base pay for meeting or exceeding growth.
  • Holds principals harmless
  • Not tied to the teacher salary schedule 
  • Like the House plan, the Senate plan eliminates longevity and degree supplements 
Please note, neither of the plans are final. We need your feedback based on these plans by Friday morning to advocate on your behalf as the House and Senate negotiate on a final plan. All feedback is appreciated and will be taken into consideration in our advocacy efforts moving forward.