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New School Finance Study Confirms Vast Disparities Across North Carolina

A new study released this week by the Public School Forum of North Carolina confirms a chronic and growing gap in public school funding between the highest and lowest-wealth counties in the state. This annual study comes at a time of intense focus on how public schools are funded in North Carolina, including a new General Assembly Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform and the Governor's Commission on Access to Sound Basic Education. The 2018 Local School Finance Study found that the ten highest spending counties spent on average $3,103 per student compared to $739 by the ten lowest spending counties, a gap of $2,364 per student. This is based on the most recent county level data available, 2015-2016. The spending gap between the top-ten spending and bottom-ten spending counties has grown from $1,094 in 1997 to the current gap of $2,364 per student. Significantly, this gap has widened every year since 2011 and 18 of the past 20 years.   Read More
Public School Forum Of North Carolina