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NCASA Board of Directors Set to Finalize Legislative Priorities for 2018

Following a discussion with local superintendents attending the NC School Superintendents’ Association (NCSSA) winter conference last week in Greensboro, the NC Association of School Administrators (NCASA) has prepared issue briefs on five key priorities that the organization’s advocacy team will be taking to the General Assembly for consideration and action in 2018.

Those priorities, and access to the policy briefs for each, include:

Help School Districts Meet Class Size Reduction Mandate

Enhance the New Pay Plan for School-Based Administrators

Enhance State Support for School District Facilities

Fine-Tune School Performance Grades and Accountability System, and

Enhance Each District’s Ability to Support Their Schools and Students (i.e., forego the slated next round of budget cuts to the Central Office allotment for 2018-19.)

Superintendents were asked to provide feedback on these focus areas and the goals and objectives for legislative action pertaining to each. NCASA previously this fall also presented information on three of these issues – class size, principal pay, and the accountability system – as part of regional education issues summits held by the NC Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA), which like the superintendents’ association, is one of NCASA’s core affiliates.

Given the consistent feedback received from these discussions affirming that these priorities are among the top needs facing North Carolina public schools, their leaders and their students for the coming year, it is expected that the NCASA Board of Directors will formally adopt these priorities as key focus areas for advocacy in 2018. The board, which has representation from 12 affiliated groups of school leaders across the state, is set to meet on Thursday, Dec. 14, in Raleigh to discuss and finalize these priorities.

NCASA members are encouraged to use the issue briefs for each as background information on and talking points for the legislative assistance needed for improvement and progress in each area. This information should be localized to the extent possible and shared with each district’s own delegation of Senators and Representatives to seek their support in achieving the outlined goals during the 2018 legislative session.

Lawmakers will return to Raleigh January 10 for another special session carried over from 2017 activity. Prior to and during that session, NCASA will be working with lawmakers to gauge opportunities for advancing these key priorities – particularly regarding next steps on class size ratios for next school year and extending the holdharmless protections in the state pay of principals and assistant principals – during that special session.

NCASA will provide developments on these and other topics pertinent to K-12 public schools as they occur in that special session as well as with relevant actions and topics discussed by interim committees and commissions that are meeting prior to the May 16, 2018 convening of the General Assembly’s regularly slated short session.