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Legislation Fixing Principal Pay Glitch For Principals Paid On Teacher Salary Schedule Signed By Governor Cooper

teacher with students
This week, Governor Cooper signed into law a piece of legislation which, among other things, fixes a glitch in the "hold harmless" provision which prevented principals being paid on the teacher salary schedule from receiving their longevity pay, resulting in these principals taking a reduction in pay. NCASA worked with House and Senate leaders to resolve this issue to ensure that no principal earns less in pay this year than they did last year, per the General Assembly's intent. The technical correction fixes this issue and is retroactive to July 1, 2017, making those principals impacted by the glitch whole. 

There was speculation the bill, approved by the General Assembly last week, could be vetoed by Governor Cooper over provisions unrelated to the principal pay fix.  NCASA appreciates the House, Senate and Governor Cooper's work in ensuring no principal earns less under the new principal pay plan enacted this year by making this timely technical correction.

An updated 2017 Enacted Law Summary reflecting this, and other changes, can be found here.

Adam Pridemore