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NCDPI Issues Principal Pay Guidance And Principal Schedule Update

As implementation of the new principal pay salary schedule as enacted by this year's budget continues to move forward, NCASA worked with General Assembly's Fiscal Research Division and the Department of Public Instruction to ensure early career principals were not penalized. This required adjusting the interpretation of the new law to provide that growth status from the previous three years used to determine a principal's 2017-2018 salary by including the growth scores from the 2016-2017 school year.

NCASA understands this may mean some principals may have their pay adjusted retroactive to July 1 after the 2016-2017 performance scores are released, but this was an important compromise by the House and Senate to ensure North Carolina's newest principals are treated fairly under the new principal pay plan.

The following information regarding the new principal pay compensation schedule was issued by the Department of Public Instruction:

Principal Pay Guidance

A FAQ on principal pay has been posted on the FBS home page at . This document will be updated as needed.

Please note that during the last Tuesday webinar, it was communicated that LEAs must use the accountability growth status from the school years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 to determine the 2017-18 principal's salary. Since that time, there has been further discussions and it has been determined that the years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 shall be used, subject to SBE approval.  For many principals, this will leave their salary unknown until after the release of the 2016-17 growth.

FY2018 Principal Schedules Update (7/12/2017)

There are 2 modifications to the Principal Schedules originally posted to NC DPI web 

on 6/28/2017:

  1. Monthly Salary dollar amounts are now formatted to show 2 decimals (in previous version it was published as a whole number).  The 2 decimal places are required to ensure that the monthly amounts agree with the annual totals as legislated in the Appropriations Bill.
  2. Daily Rates for "Met Growth" and "Exceeded Growth" schedules have been corrected and reposted due to a previous calculation error.