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Lawmakers Consider Leaving, Returning Nov. 13

Sterling Gutierrez | NCASA Legal Extern

Senate Rules Chairman Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) filed Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 694  late Wednesday evening to formally adjourn the N.C. House of Representatives and Senate the following day, as well as limit what may be discussed upon reconvening. Neither chamber has yet to approve the resolution, and the House Speaker indicated earlier today that the Senate's proposed adjournment schedule is subject to change before approved by the House. If approved by both chambers, this adjournment is scheduled to take effect at the end of Thursday’s session, and it schedules the House and Senate to reconvene on November 13, 2019 at noon. During the November session, legislators may only consider redistricting matters and considerations of a new Joint Resolution or amendments to SJR 694. Upon adjournment of the November session, the House and Senate will not reconvene until January 14, 2020, at noon.

Additionally, SJR 694 limits legislators to discussion and action on the following topics during the January session:

  • Veto overrides;
  • Appointments, Nominations, or Confirmations;
  • Redistricting matters;
  • Litigations challenging the legality of legislative enactments;
  • Pending Conference Reports;
  • Department of Transportation funding and oversight;
  • Healthcare access;
  • State Budget matters; and
  • Considerations of a new Joint Resolution or amendments to SJR 694.
Sterling Gutierrez