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NCASA Advocates for Principal Double Bonus Clarification

Elizabeth Yelverton | NCASA Legal Affairs and Policy Manager

The NCASA Advocacy Team has been working determinedly at the General Assembly over the past few days to clarify an issue regarding double bonus awards for some principals who previously have been ruled ineligible. As a result of ambiguous wording within the statute providing the Principal Bonus Schedule, SL 2018-5, Section 8.3(a), certain principals who supervised schools with a D or F School Performance Grade, and greatly improved their schools so that they were in the Top 50% of the Statewide Growth Percentage, became ineligible for doubling their performance bonus award because they moved their school to a School Performance Grade of C under 2017-18 results. If their school had made less progress and remained a D in their school’s grade, their bonus would have been doubled, as occurred for some of their colleagues who led similar improvements. 

In working with one of NCASA’s core affiliates, the N.C. Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association, NCASA was made aware of the double bonus issue affecting approximately 90 hardworking principals across our State, and has been working with lawmakers to get this issue resolved during this most recent special session. While no legislation has yet been introduced on the issue, NCASA is hopeful it will be resolved before the current special legislative session concludes.  NCASA will continue to work with legislators and other public school advocates on this issue and will provide updates as developments occur.


Elizabeth Yelverton