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Legislators Navigate Busy Week Working Toward June 29 Adjournment

The House and Senate worked long days and nights all this week to move legislation with a statewide impact and get it to the Governor by today’s self-imposed deadline for completing all must-have legislation that lawmakers want to complete before the 2018 session ends.

By finishing these statewide bills this week, lawmakers are working toward wrapping up their 2018 short session by June 29. The majority of bills handled this week are classified as public bills that are statewide in their reach and are subject to the Governor’s veto power. For statewide bills approved this week, Governor Roy Cooper has 10 days to veto, sign or let them become law. This means he must veto any legislation he sees as objectionable by June 25.

Given that deadline, lawmakers are planning for the week of June 25 to be their final week of work to handle any veto override votes they want to take and finish bills with only a limited, local impact and some proposed constitutional amendments not subject to the Governor’s veto.

Much of the activity this week focused on several bills that hold an impact for public schools and their personnel. The North Carolina Association of School Administrators’ advocacy team has been diligent in monitoring and working on the education-related legislation, and the articles that follow provide a summary of the key pieces NCASA has worked on this week.