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Finance Reform Task Force Discusses Charter School Funding

On Thursday, the Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform met to take an in-depth look at how charter schools in the state are funded. Task Force members first heard from Alexis Schauss, Director of the Division of School Business at the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). She provided members with a detailed funding overview, including both budgeted and actual funding that charter schools receive based on their Average Daily Membership (student population). Explaining that there are 173 charter schools with 100,632 students and 6,358 teachers, Ms. Schauss said charter schools in NC receive $581 million annually. She also included a detailed outline with figures and data of all charter school funding, which you can find here. In addition, she walked through a detailed example of the formula that DPI uses to calculate funding for each charter school, which can be found in the aforementioned handout.

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