• Vision, Mission & Goals

    The NCASA Board of Directors believes that the organization’s vision, mission and goals are critical for identifying the organization as a pillar of support for strong and effective public schools and reflecting the views of 7,000 school administrator members from all facets of administration.  In addition NCASA’s image, portrayed through its logo and its foundation statements – vision, mission and goals – must be perceived in a positive manner by both internal and external audiences. To enhance this image and strengthen the organization, the Board of Directors recommends the following:

    •  Update the NCASA logo that appears dated and bland.

    •  Identify a vision statement for the organization, which now does not have one.

    •  Update the NCASA mission statement – “To ensure quality learning experiences for all students through visionary and effective leadership” – to determine if changes are needed to ensure it has the right focus.

    •  Determine if the tag line now presented with the logo – “Supporting Excellence in Leadership” – should be revised to better align with the vision and mission statements.

    •  Review the goals of the organization to ensure consistency and cohesiveness with the other foundation statements of NCASA.  The current goals that have been informally incorporated into NCASA Legislative Platform documents include:

          –  “Provide all members an opportunity to grow professionally and work together to strengthen K-12 public education.”

          –  “Provide a unified voice for school administrators on issues affecting the funding and daily operations of public schools.”

    •  Identify colors and other design effects that will work in concert with the logo to convey a positive branded image for the organization as it communicates with internal and external audiences.

    •  Transition the NCASA website to reflect the organization’s new branded image by the July 1, 2014 beginning of the new fiscal year.

    •  Ask the Communications Group from the October 22, 2013 Board Retreat to pull in additional creative thinkers as needed to recommend next steps to accomplish each of these objectives through a comprehensive rebranding process to be unveiled at NCASA’s 2014 Conference on Educational Leadership, if feasible. Mr. Tim Lussier of Moore County Schools will lead this effort, and assistance from an outside design agency will be considered.

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