• Finance & Administration

    The quality of services offered to NCASA members depends in large part upon a dedicated and competent staff that effectively implements the policies, procedures and wishes of the Board of Directors, while maintaining the financial integrity and viability of the organization.  To enhance the internal operations of NCASA, the following specific directives should be undertaken:

    •  Develop a plan for enhancing individual memberships to ensure financial stability and viability in the event that school districts are precluded from purchasing unit memberships in the future.

    •  Revise the NCASA budget to show that lobbying expenditures for the organization can be covered entirely by revenues the organization receives through sources other than individual membership dues or unit memberships purchased by school districts.

    •  Identify a new office location to rent or lease in the Raleigh area that is more conducive to the organization’s needs and includes adequate parking for staff and guests and offers a larger conference room to accommodate board meetings for NCASA and its core affiliates.

    •  Update the NCASA Bylaws to include the mission and vision statements being developed in the rebranding process as well as to implement recommendations from the organization’s attorney on the process for new board member approval and other changes that would strengthen the operating guidelines of NCASA.

    •  Study compensation and benefits of the NCASA staff in comparison to other non-profit member-service organizations in the state and make recommendations for changes that would ensure competitive packages for employment that allow NCASA to recruit and retain highly qualified staff.  Dr. Barbara Armstrong of Thomasville City Schools will lead this study and will identify other members to assist with this effort.

    •  Maintain NCASA’s relatively new Corporate Partnership program in its current format for another year or more, while obtaining feedback from the corporate members on what, if any, changes are needed.

    •  Review NCASA’s legal consultation services for members to determine what, if any, changes are needed.

    •  Add an issues session with guest presenters, when feasible, for NCASA Board of Directors meetings.