• Professional Development

    Providing school administrators from all facets of Pre-K-12 educational service with high quality training opportunities that enable them to master best practices on new trends and techniques and stay current on laws, policies and requirements they must implement is another important service for NCASA to provide.  To do this, NCASA must complement the professional development offerings being provided to various segments of its membership by its affiliated organizations and provide timely and relevant training opportunities that hold appeal for a wide array of school administrators.  The ultimate goal of these professional development opportunities is to offer NCASA members with the training they need to provide visionary and effective leadership in public schools as well as to generate some revenue to offset the operational costs of the organization.  To accomplish these goals, NCASA must undertake the following specific objectives:

    •  Survey members to ask for topic-specific sessions to offer and to determine desired format, whether half day, full day, webinars, etc., and in what locations.

    •  Coordinate training opportunities with affiliates by maintaining a comprehensive calendar for professional development that is available on the NCASA website.

    •  Develop and implement NCASA signature training opportunities that appeal to a varied audience of school administrators, such as the Conference on Educational Leadership and the School Law Symposium, that feature topics relevant to all administrators, such as advocacy, branding, networking, communication, facilitative leadership and development of soft skills that are essential in all leadership roles.

    •  Add more refined training such as "drive-ins" for affiliate groups rather than an "institute" or cohort training that is better suited to various niche groups in NCASA’s affiliates.

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