• Communications

    Providing school administrators with timely and relevant information in an easily digestible format is critical to the mission and goals of NCASA and is one of the most important services provided to members.  Effective communication with external audiences – that include the General Assembly and other elected and appointed policymakers, the media and the public – is equally important.  To facilitate effective communications with both internal and external audiences, the NCASA Board of Directors believes that the organization should undertake a rebranding process, as outlined elsewhere in this strategic plan.  In addition, a comprehensive review and update of NCASA’s communications efforts should be undertaken to ensure user friendliness, relevance and timeliness. Specific directives that NCASA must undertake to enhance its communications efforts include the following:

    •  Ensure that the rebranding process includes identity communications about the organization – including who makes up the Board of Directors and how the affiliates interact with NCASA -- to help members understand the organization’s structure as an umbrella unifying 11 facets of school administration for the betterment of public schools.

    •  Enhance the organization’s social media presence through the following:

          –  Create standard operating procedures for NCASA’s usage of all social media to ensure that staff, board members, and others who contribute to communications through these vehicles are aware of the resources and proper usage guidelines.

          –  Expand usage of Twitter by creating a hashtag for NCASA communications and following appropriate Twitter accounts.

          –  Establish Facebook and Linked In accounts for NCASA to share information, while continuing to expand communication efforts through Twitter.

          –  Determine the feasibility of launching a mobile application that members can download for receiving real time “push notifications” from the organization.

    •  Determine ways to implement video in communications efforts.

    •  Increase the contributors to NCASA communications by involving the NCASA President, other members of the Board of Directors, and the Executive Directors of NCASA core affiliates – the North Carolina School Superintendents’ Association and the North Carolina Principals & Assistant Principals’ Association.

    •  Transform the NCASA website to reflect the outcomes of the rebranding process as well as the following:

          –  Determine which information needs to be password protected and make more information available to the public to help promote NCASA’s positive identity.  (Example; the NCASA Legislative Platform should be public, but updates and issue talking points and other resources should be accessible only by members.)

          –  Add a segment to help individuals determine if they are members and options that are available for becoming members.

          –  Add more good news on the website, including listing the association’s award winners, and do not limit the website to information items only.

    •  Revamp NCASA email  communications as follows:

          –  Consolidate three current e-newsletters – In the Know, School Administrator News in Review, and Legislative Link – into one, if feasible, to minimize the number of email contacts being made with members each week.

          –  Revise the format of the e-newsletter(s) to attach as a PDF to send to members by email or makw  completely web-based to make linking to additional resources easier and more accessible for members to use.

          –  Coordinate with NCASA core affiliates to set an email schedule that ensures multiple emails are not being sent to members on the same day.

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