• We're thrilled to have you on board! This guide has all the company information you'll need as a new employee. It's interactive, so dive in, click and explore what makes NCASA unique, the resources available to you, and answers to frequently asked questions.

    Remember that NCASA has an open door policy, so if at any point, you have questions about the resources within, new ideas, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our leadesrhip team. 



    • Scroll through NCASA's history, and read our vision, mission and values

    • Get to know our Corporate Partners and how they support our mission. 

    • Take a look at our affiliates, and the communities of leadership that they serve. 

    • See what's on our mind, and get a feel for the advocacy climate with legislative news and our blog, The Daily Discussion

    • View our recent legislative priorities and see how we are working for the betterment of public education in North Carolina. 

    • Review our last Strategic Plan, and consider how you'll be able to make an impact as we work towards presenting a new set of initiatives to our board this year. 

    • Get acquainted with your workspace, and take a look through the files that we've prepared for you. 

    • Spend some time with your "job manual," which will give you insignt into daily processes. 


    • The NCASA Overview Powerpoint is a quick and easy tool to get you started here at NCASA. 

    • Get to know your colleagues, and plan to provide a short bio and headshot within the next week or so. 

    • You may find our Board Orientation packet helpful to understanding how our board is staffed and operates. We'll update our staff listing once we have your headshot and bio!

    • Become familiar with our Board of Directors site.  Your username is your first initial and last name (no spaces) and Password1 until we update it. 

    • Pay special attention to the Employee Manual, the Policies and Procedures Manual, and the NCASA Bylaws. A printed copy of each will be provided to you. 

    • HR Documents can be found on the server, or downloaded here. Most frequently used are our Monthly Time Sheet, Leave Request, and Expense Form

    • Make sure you spend some time with your benefits paperwork in the first week so that we can ensure coverage for you!

    • Connect with NCASA. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and join us on LinkedIn