NCASA | 1990's

  • Following Ray Sarbaugh’s retirement in 1989, the Board of Directors approached Ossie Fields about becoming the next Executive Director. With another year remaining for Project LEAD, Ossie agreed to serve as Interim Director for six months, carrying both roles. In January 1990, Joe Bryson of UNC-Greensboro was employed on a part-time basis while the officers and Board of Directors explored the future of NCASA. The membership and financial situation of the Association were reaching a critical point. Through the leadership of President Jim Causby, the concept of administrative unit membership was initiated in 1990-91. This addressed both critical problems: finance and membership. This breathed new life into the Association, and in the fall of 1990, the search was begun for another full-time Executive Director.

    Dudley Flood was employed as the second full-time Executive Director and he began in January 1991, the first such position in a year and a half. After an absence of three years, many principals and assistant principals began to make overtures in 1992 to reopen membership to them. Finally in 1993, the constitution was amended again to enable principals and assistant principals to enjoy full-fledged membership. This proved to be a very positive move, and enabled NCASA to once again return with renewed determination and commitment to fulfill its original purpose of 1976: to serve the entire education leadership team from the school, to the school system to the state level.

    Jan Crotts was employed as Executive Director following the retirement of Dudley Flood in March of 1996. Through her leadership, NCASA grew and matured, and the organization moved to 214 New Bern Place in downtown Raleigh in 1999. 

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