• Strategic Directions

    The North Carolina Association of School Administrators Board of Directors participated in a retreat October 22, 2013 to review how the organization has grown and improved since its formation in 1976, its current status in supporting school administrators and next steps to strengthen the organization for the future.  During this day-long retreat, board members examined the organization’s work in communications; advocacy; professional development; membership services, recruitment and retention; and finance and administration. The recommendations that emerged outline the strategic directions that NCASA must take to become the high-quality support system that school administrators need and deserve by being responsive to them in providing services in communications, advocacy, and professional development to support and enhance their leadership, while working with them to move North Carolina public schools to the next level.  Recommendations for specific actions needed for enhancement in each of the organization’s key areas of focus are delineated in the strategic plan that follows, which was formally adopted by the NCASA Board of Directors at its December 13, 2013 meeting in Raleigh.

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    Communications  |  Advocacy 
    Professional Development  |  Membership  |  Finance & Administration

    Next Steps

    This strategic plan reflects the objectives that the NCASA Board of Directors believes are important for moving the organization forward as it works to support and enhance public education in North Carolinas.  This plan has been developed to guide the NCASA Executive Director and other staff members in next steps for the organization to ensure it maintains its member focus while delivering the services in communications, advocacy and professional development that school administrators across the state need and deserve.  The NCASA Board of Directors periodically will review this strategic plan to determine the status of objectives and directives contained herein and to update the plan as needed to ensure the continued growth and viability of this organization as it strives to serve the state’s school administrators by enabling them to become the visionary leaders who are ensuring student success.