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  • State Lawmakers File Mini Budget Bills, Senior Grading Changes, As Bill Filing Deadline Expires

    State lawmakers returned to Raleigh this week, days after the State moved into Phase II of Governor Cooper’s three-phase reopening plan. Because the bill filing deadline was set to expire by the end of the day on Tuesday, numerous legislators filed last-minute bills covering items such as state employee retirement, tax changes, broadband expansion, and student health.

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  • Fiscal Analysts Predict $4.2B State Revenue Shortfall From 2019-2021

    The state should expect at least a $4.2B shortfall in General Fund revenue collections from 2019-2021, according to the latest Consensus Revenue Forecast shared with lawmakers on Tuesday. Nonpartisan fiscal research staff said the forecast had been revised this month to show an estimated $1.64B revenue shortfall in FY 2019-20 and an additional $2.57B revenue shortfall in 2020-21 due to COVID-19.

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  • Short Session Education Bills Update

    While many expected COVID-19 relief to be the biggest, if not only, topic to be tackled by legislators during this legislative short session, legislators have continued to file numerous education-related policy bills since reconvening on April 28. Legislators were given until last Thursday at 4PM to file most bills with a statewide impact; however, legislative leadership voted to extend the May 19th deadline for filing bills “affecting the State budget, including the budget of an occupational licensing board for FY 2020-21,” until Tuesday, May 26.

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  • State Board of Education Approves Remote Learning Plan Guidelines, Licensure Policy Revisions, Relief Funding Changes

    The State Board of Education met this morning to address new COVID-19 issues, such as remote learning plans and school nutrition funds, while also approving modifications to ongoing COVID-19 issues, such as licensure requirements and benefits policies. To review the highlight's from today's meeting, click on the "READ MORE" link.

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