• NCASA Headquarters

    About Us

    The North Carolina Association of School Administrators (NCASA) was established in 1976. Our mission is to ensure quality learning experiences for all students through visionary and effective leadership. NCASA is an umbrella organization under which North Carolina school administrator groups are unified. NCASA provides to all these groups broad based membership services, professional development, financial services, communication, legal counsel and lobbying services.

    NCASA has a full-time office staff available to assist members with a wide range of requests. We are committed to growing and changing to meet the needs of our membership; our strategic plan reflects our immediate goals.

    NCASA also represents school administrators’ viewpoints year-round with a definitive voice with the North Carolina General Assembly and other policy-making bodies including the North Carolina State Board of Education.

    NCASA is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes a president, president-elect, immediate past president and two members from each of the affiliated school administrator groups. NCASA is the only organization in North Carolina for all central office administrators, principals, assistant principals and higher education professionals.