A. Craig Phillips NC Superintendent of the Year

The North Carolina Association of School Administrators and the North Carolina School Boards Association have partnered since 2005 to award this distinguished honor to a public school superintendent; before that time NCASA named the winners listed below. Being named NC Superintendent of the Year is the highest honor bestowed on a North Carolina superintendent. The winner of this prestigious award competes for the title of National Superintendent of the Year and serves as an advisor to the State Board of Education. The 2017 A. Craig Phillips North Carolina Superintendent of the Year is Dr. Jim Merrill. Click here to learn more.







NCASA's Champion For Children


The Champion for Children award is given annually to an individual who has shown commitment to and leadership in supporting and enhancing public schools in North Carolina.

NCASA Champion For Children recipients include:

  • 2017 | Rep. Hugh Blackwell
  • 2016 | Rep. James H. Langdon, Jr. 
  • 2015 | John Dornan
  • 2014 | Ann B. Goodnight
  • 2013 | Linda P. Johnson
  • 2012 | Beverly E. Perdue
  • 2011 | Bill McNeal & June St. Clair Atkinson
  • 2010 | Vernon Malone
  • 2009 | Howard N. Lee
  • 2008 | Rick Glazier
  • 2007 | Douglas Yongue
  • 2006 | James B. Hunt, Jr. & Michael F. Easley


NCASA Raymond Sarbaugh Leadership Award


NCASA's Raymond Sarbaugh Leadership Award is given annually to a member of NCASA who has shown outstanding leadership in public school service as well as commitment to enhancing and supporting the efforts of NCASA on behalf of his or her fellow school administrators. The award is named for NCASA's first full-time and longest-serving Executive Director, the late Raymond Sarbaugh.

Raymond Sarbaugh Leadership Award recipients include:

  • 2017 | Dr. Frank Till, Jr.
  • 2016 | Dr. Rodney Shotwell
  • 2015 | Dr. Dudley Flood
                    Mr. Charlie Glazener
  • 2014 | Jo Ann Norris
  • 2013 | Donald L. Martin, Jr.
  • 2012 | James Causby
  • 2011 | Larry Price
  • 2010 | Jack Hoke
  • 2009 | Melisa Jessup